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113-06-25  Director Shen Encouraged the Conscripts to Contribute Their Best Effort on the Closing Ceremony for the Division Leaders of the 51st Term of Substitute Service.
113-06-14  Military Physical Examination: Alternative Convenient Options for Those Away from Home
113-05-16  Save time waiting for Military Draft by scheduling Training Center entry dates
113-05-09  The Ministry of the Interior award 88 extraordinary servicemen and 35 exceptional service units who excellently performed
113-03-21  Draftees planning to spend the Ching Ming Holidays abroad must apply online for a short-term departure permit
113-03-11  The conscription personnel training for the year 2024 commences in March.
113-01-18  Caring for underprivileged draftees’ families. Increase living support expenses by 39% during service
113-01-02  The compulsory military service period for men born in 2005 and later will be reverted to one year.
112-12-27  Draftees applies General Substitute Services in first half of 2024
112-10-25  Potential Draftees who study overseas can apply for conscription-related physical examination when they return from abroad
111-12-09  “Helper for Epidemic Prevention par Excellence” Ministry of the Interior Commendation of 75 Extraordinary Substitute Civilians Servicemen
111-11-25  If the men who have not completed military service will go abroad, please remember to apply as early as possible.
111-10-25  【Substitute Service Training Memory ~ Family Cloud】
111-09-28  Keep combating the pandemic, National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior (NCA) conduct the “Immediate Work Plan for Draftees and Reservist Draftees”
111-08-04  Provide draftees who have physical and mental disabilities or major injuries with more simple physical status classification.
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