Conscription Administration Functions

  1. Administration Div.
    1. Preparation, revision and interpretation of applicable laws and regulations governing substitutive service management (SSM);
    2. Case investigation and disposition involving draft administration including interference in military service, and SSM complaint;
    3. SSM planning and supervision; and
    4. Guidance, education and discipline of active substitutive service personnel (SSP).
  2. Interests Div.

    1. Preparation, planning, revision and interpretation of applicable laws and regulations governing interests of active SSP and regular service personnel (RSP), operation planning and supervision of SSP and RSP stationed at camp, restoration of employment, and consolation;
    2. Operation planning and supervision of benefits and supports of SSP and RSP;
    3. Case preparation, planning and supervision of active SSP medical care, insurance, pension, and outpatient call; coordination for designated hospital on injury/disabled determination and dispute resolution; and planning and supervision of compensation for injury/disabled, senile and rehabilitation pensions, and emergency remedy funds;
    4. Planning and supervision of burial, memorial service and paying tribute for soldier and SSP died on duty, planning and supervision of local military cemetery (martyr shrine);
    5. Preparation, revision and interpretation of SSP remuneration, regional Bonuses, primary/second provisions, and payment of year-end service bonus;
    6. Planning, purchase, supply and custody of SSP management supplies for institutes requiring SSP service; and
    7. Legal advises on SSP interests.

  3. Recruit Div.
    1. .Preparation, revision and interpretation of laws and regulations related to SSP domicile registration, organization, recruit, and military service information;
    2. Planning and supervision of control of SSP domicile registration;
    3. Control and supervision of SSP ID and retirement authorization, document preparation and issuance;
    4. Operation and supervision of organization of SS support duties by municipal, county/city governments;
    5. Planning and supervision of case handling on national guard management and military service federation and associations;
    6. Coordination and supervision of SS organization and operation with municipal, county/city governments;
    7. Operation of hazard prevention, rescue and emergency response;
    8. Planning, process, control and performance evaluation of military service administration information;
    9. Planning of network monitor and control, system specification and system update of military service administration information; and
    10. Any other things and matters related to recruit, information, and military domicile registration.
  4. Draft Div.
    1. Setting forth of overall sources policies;
    2. Survey of domicile registration, physical examination, draw of intra-service classification and draft for service for RSP;
    3. Arrangement of eligible Overseas Chinese (student), and Chinese descends from Hong Kong, Macao, and the mainland China to take military service;
    4. Control of departure for foreign countries of male citizens eligible for taking military service; and
    5. Handling of suspended draft, change of physical status, taking the replacement service and extended draft.

  5. Selection & Training Div.
    1. Preparation, revision, interpretation and review of laws and regulations related to selection and training of SS;
    2. Calling for SS Advisory Committee meetings;
    3. Survey and assessment of annual and four-year demands of SSP by requisition institutes;
    4. Planning and supervision of SS willingness survey, application, draft, transportation, selection and assignment; and
    5. Preparation, planning and supervision of military administration and SS training programs.