Organizational MOI Conscription Administration
  1. draft div.:
    Setting forth of overall policies and handling draft related affairs such as suspended draft,extended draft and physical examination.
  2. selection & training div.:
    Handling substitute service training program,the laws and regulations related to selection and training of substitute service. Also planning and supervising substitute service willingness survey,transportation and assignment.
  3. administration div.:
    Handling the laws and regulations related to substitute service management. Disciplining enlisted men to prevent interference in military service.
  4. interests div.:
    Supervising benefits and supports of substitute service personnel and regular service personnel. Also handling substitutes service personnel medical care,insurance and pension.
  5. recruit div.:
    Preparation, revision and interpretation of laws and regulations related to substitute service personnel domicile registration, organization, recruit, and military service information. Also handling hazard prevention, rescue and emergency response.
  6. secretary office:
    Planning and supervision of software update,information management,property receipts and expenses of office work,service business improvement and propaganda.
  7. personnel office:
    Handling management of personnel information and registration. Taking the statistics of personnel data and analyzing them. Planning and executing simplification of business.
  8. accounting office:
    Handling collection, management, editing, and analysis of statistical data. Designing and executing investigative projects.
  9. anti-corruption office:
    Handling overall planning and research of works related to internal affairs. Drafting laws and regulations related to internal affairs.