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111-06-07  General Substitute Services lot drawing in second half of 2022
111-05-16  No Sexual Harassment-No means no!
111-04-08  Pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves for substitute service draftees have been extended to 7 days
111-02-16  2022 Substitute Service Planning
111-01-26  The Solicitude to Retired Hurt from Mandatory Military Services in Chinese New Year of 2022
110-11-30  Important Updates~ 【2022 Substitute Services Foundation Training Schedule】
110-11-26  Growth of Learning: Contribute Specialties Ministry of the Interior Commendation of 55 Extraordinary Substitute Civilian Servicemen
110-11-18  In case of Overseas Chinese Draftees returning for avoiding COVID-19 diseases, the period conforming to the requirements of deferred enlistment shall not be counted into the period of residence
110-09-01  The Call-to-Service of Training of Reservist Draftees of Substitute Services will Resume Processing in September
110-08-18  Draftees applies General Substitute Services in second half of 2021
110-06-04  Regarding applications for phased military training for students born after 1994
110-05-06  Substitute Services Summary Schedule (Class 223)
110-04-19  Year 110 Eastern Region Alternative Military Service Managerial (including management cadres) Counseling and Education Study Program on the ability and knowledge of suicide prevention goalkeeping and anti-drug seed training
110-03-12  Enhancement of draftee’s skills of supporting veterans-“The disabled person care service training”, Session 1
110-03-02  2021 Conference On Convening Tasks Of Reservist of Substitute Services will be held in March
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