Military Physical Examination: Alternative Convenient Options for Those Away from Home

 According to the regulations of the Military Service Act and other related laws, conscripts are required to undergo a military physical examination at their registered residence before entering military service. The primary purpose is to assess the physical condition of the conscripts to determine their suitability for military service and the type of service they should perform.


For conscripted individuals residing in other counties or cities due to study or work commitments, the government offers an alternative option for convenience. If returning to their registered residence for the military conscription physical examination is impractical, individuals have the alternative option for convenience, via online application ( under the website section for “Military Physical Examination For Conscripts Living In Different States or Cities”, to apply for an appointment at the inspection hospital in their current location upon receiving the conscription inspection notice. On the day of the physical examination, individuals should bring their ID card, a photo, and the original conscription inspection notice for registration at the hospital.