Planning to go abroad for summer vacation? Remember, the Draftees need to apply for approval to exit filed

Summer vacation is the peak season for traveling abroad, and many college students are planning to travel overseas. However, if you are a draftee who has not yet completed military service, remember to apply for approval to exit filed before going abroad. This is necessary to ensure a smooth customs clearance process at the airport.

According to Regulations for Exit of Draftees, the application for exit filed by any male citizen of conscription age but having not yet performed his obligatory military service since the first (1st) day of January of the year immediately following his full age of eighteen (18) until the thirty-first (31st) day of December of the year reaching the age of thirty-six (36) shall be approved. The calculation method for conscription age is as follows: subtract the year of the Republic of China (ROC) from the year of birth (e.g., ROC 112 - 93 birth year, conscription age is 19 years old), and so on.
Application for the convenience of draftees, National Conscription Agency Ministry of the Interior has established the Online Application system (, If you want to go abroad, please complete the application for exit as soon as possible 3 days before the date of departure. If you check the situation without military service control, you will immediately approve the exit. After printing the approval notice, you can repeat it within one month from the date of approval.