How is the military service issue for naturalized males who have come back to the country to study be handled

A male overseas Chinese returning to the country to study need not face the issue of military conscription if he is below conscription age (18 years); his education shall be governed by the regulations from the Ministry of Education and the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission. For overseas male Chinese of conscription age, who is returning home to study, according to Section 2 Article 4 of the “Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens and Returning Overseas Chinese,” amended on December 30, 2002, time spent returning home to study shall not counted as residency time for those who are eligible for suspended draft. However, after leaving school (upon a leave of absence, dropping out, or graduation), then time of residency in Taiwan shall be calculated according to law; after establishing one full year of residency, the individual shall be conscripted. In addition, to complement the government’s overseas Chinese policies, which provides counseling and guidance to those returning home to study, time spent by individuals attending preparatory classes at the National Overseas Chinese University shall not be include din the calculation of residency.
Post Date:106-10-11