How should a male Taiwanese national be in order to be eligible for overseas Chinese passport Status Visa? How does one obtain such a document? What government agency is responsible for answering questions regarding this issue

A male national of Taiwan should immigrate to another country before the age of 15 in order to be eligible for Overseas Chinese passport status visa. If they meet the qualifications for the status visa, male nationals who immigrated to other countries from Taiwan, should apply with the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or ROC consular offices abroad to revoke the seal of non-rendering of military service. Overseas Chinese Passport Status Visa are given to: (1)those who went out of the country before turning 15 on December 31 of that year;(2)possess a valid ROC passport;(3)obtained valid permanent residency in the foreign country;(4)has lived in the foreign country for four years cumulatively;(5)has lived in the foreign country for six consecutive months or eight months and above annually in a span of two years; and (6)who returned to the country close to the conscription age from January 1 of the year they turned sixteen to December 31 of the year they turned 18 and lived for not more than 183 days annually. Furthermore, after reaching the conscription age of 19 on January 1st of that year, individuals who do not possess the qualifications mentioned in items 3, 4, and 5 should never have gone out of the country before. In terms of issues pertaining to overseas Chinese passport status visa, one can go directly to the Overseas Compatriot affairs Commission, the Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA, or any of our embassies and consular offices abroad.
Post Date:106-10-11