What are the regulations governing overseas Chinese draftees

According to the amended “Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens and Returning Overseas Chinese” announced on December 30, 2002, regulations concerning overseas Chinese draftees are: Male individuals of conscription age who have registered household as well as overseas Chinese status shall be conscripted if they have been residing in the country for a full year, starting from the day they arrived. Male individuals who are stateless and have overseas Chinese status and who have come back to the country voluntarily and underwent household registration for the first time shall also be conscripted if they have been residing in the country for one full year, starting form the day they arrived. The method for calculating the residency time of overseas Chinese is as such: (1) living in the country for one full year; (2) male individuals of conscripted age born before 1984 and have lived in the country for more than four months three times; and (3) male individuals of conscription age born after 1985, who had lived in Taiwan in excess of 183 days, between January 1 through December 31, for two years. Once an overseas Chinese draftee needs to be conscripted according to law, his conscription responsibilities will be exactly the same as those of the regular draftees. In terms of rendering military services, according to the recruitment processing of the Conscription Law, draftees should submit to military register investigation after which they would be notified to undergo conscription examination (physical checkup) in accredited hospitals. The examination results will determine the physical status of substitute service draftees. The draftees would participate in drawing lots; then according to the branch and number, be recruited into the camps. Those who are willing to render substitute services should apply for rendering of substitute service according to regulations during the process of determining the physical status of substitute services draftees. If examination results consider the applicant as being eligible for substitute services, then he should join the lot drawing and enter camp to render substitute services based on the lot number. If he has physical status of military service exemption, then he is exempted from military services.
Post Date:106-10-11