Should male individuals with dual citizenship render military service? How does one acquire overseas Chinese status

According to Article 20 of Taiwan’s Constitution and Article 1 of the Conscription Law, males individuals with ROC citizenship are obliged with render mandatory military service; they are covered by the relevant conscription law. As for the country’s overseas Chinese status, it is obtained through application; one does not become an “overseas Chinese” by having dual citizenship. Those who do not have overseas Chinese status belong to the category of regular conscripted males. For the application for overseas Chinese status, individuals can apply for certificate of overseas Chinese passport status visa with the ROC consular offices in foreign countries. In Taiwan, application for overseas Chinese status can be filed with the consular affairs bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an “Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for Military Service Purpose” with the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission. Male individuals of conscription age with “Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for Military Service Purpose” or “Overseas Chinese Passport Status Visa” are considered overseas Chinese draftees.

Post Date:106-10-11